Ball bearing mounts

Precision machining for ball bearing mounts on the world's best-selling engines

Safran Transmission Systems' Polish subsidiary, a major partner to Techspace Aero, provides machining services for the bearing mounts on CFM International's current and future engines.

Safran Transmission Systems Poland machines the mounts that hold the ball bearings for the main shaft on the CFM56-5B et CFM56-7B engines

The site Safran Transmission Systems Poland is 3.3 ha with a total of 530 people. Specializing in the production of gears and housings for power transmissions and their installation, the site also includes activities engine production aircraft, helicopters and nacelles components for other internal customers such as Safran Helicopter Engines,Safran Nacelles  and Safran Aero Boosters

Safran Aero Boosters delivers precision cast titanium parts to the Polish company, which then machines them, using turning, milling and drilling processes.

The finished mounts are subjected to non-destructive testing and 3D dimensional inspections.

Safran Transmission Systems Poland is also responsible for the ball bearing mounts on the new LEAP engine. 

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