EC175 certification: Hispano-Suiza on target

As the EC175 obtains civil certification, Hispano Suiza takes a significant step forward in this helicopter program.

© AIRBUS HELICOPTERS / jerome deulin – 2014 The European Aviation Safety Agency recently granted EASA type certification for the Airbus Helicopters EC175. This is a major milestone for Hispano-Suiza, which makes the left and right accessory drive gearboxes (AGBs), linked to the helicopter's main gearbox (MGB), for Airbus Helicopters. This certification signals the start of dedicated AGB mass production. Hispano-Suiza on board the EC175 The mechanical power generated by the helicopter engines is channelled to the MGB, which distributes it to the main rotor, tail rotor, and AGBs. The AGBs produced by Hispano Suiza, a specialist in mechanical drive systems, in turn transmit this power at predetermined speeds to various components (e.g. generator, lubricating unit, air compressor, hydraulic pump, and cooling system). Avicopter—a subsidiary of the Chinese company Avic—participated in the design of the EC175 helicopter, which is intended for use in offshore oil exploration. The first customer deliveries are planned for this year.

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