Embraer visits the installations for the new KC-390 bench

On 2 October, when a CDR milestone for the KC-390 bench was passed, the representatives of Embraer—accompanied by Safran representatives and the board of Hispano-Suiza—were able to visit the new installations of the KC-390 test platform.

Started in the first quarter of 2013, the civil engineering works for the KC-390 test bench were finished this September. Armed mainly with identifying visuals for the various parts of the test platform, the teams presented the aircraft manufacturer with the technical data for the areas to receive the devices making up the electrical system.

To recap, this bench is intended to accommodate, from January 2014, the electrical generation and distribution equipment and wiring for the KC-390 aircraft to check their operation as well as the behaviour of the complete electrical system, with a view to Aircraft certification.

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