Hispano-Suiza at the third GENELEC symposium

The third GENELEC symposium, covering recent breakthroughs and prospects in electrical and electromechanical engineering, was held on January 26 and 27 at the ESME Sudria innovation, energy sciences and advanced technologies engineering school in Ivry-sur-Seine, near Paris.

Safran, as a high-tech group and major player in research, is a partner in this symposium, and several expert engineers from Group companies made presentations. In the electromechanical engineering section, Hispano-Suiza reported on the operation of its rotary actuator in high-temp environments, while Messier-Bugatti showcased its electric brake for aircraft. In the airborne networks section, Safran Engineering Services made a presentation concerning the impact of disruptive technologies on the design of wired networks.

The GENELEC symposium is organized every ten years by French defense procurement agency DGA in conjunction with the national scientific research agency CNRS. It is sponsored by the Academy of Technologies and administered by the ESME Sudria engineering school.

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