120 equipment shipsets to deliver from 2012 to 2017 for Rafale

Dassault Aviation recently placed an order with Hispano-Suiza for 120 equipment shipsets (aircraft accessory gearbox and flex-shafts) for the Rafale multirole fighter, covering the French government's order for 60 of these aircraft (4th tranche). The shipsets will be delivered at a rate of about 20/year between 2012 and 2017.

Hispano-Suiza supplies two aircraft accessory gearboxes and two flex-shafts to aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation for each Rafale, and two engine-mounted accessory gearboxes to Snecma. The Rafale is powered by twin M88 engines produced by Snecma.

Hispano-Suiza makes about thirty components for the hydromechanical systems on Rafale, under Snecma's responsibility, including a main hydromechanical control unit, the afterburner hydromechanical unit, and the lubrication unit. Production kicked off for the program in 1997.

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