Hispano-Suiza organizes Open House at Réau for electrical engineering students

As part of a corporate "Open House" organized by the Safran group on September 22, Hispano-Suiza welcomed some 40 first-year students from the Supelec electrical engineering school to the its Safran Power division facilities.

These budding electrical engineers enjoyed a presentation on "more electric" aircraft, giving them one view of the career possibilities in the aerospace industry for specialists in electrical and electronic systems. They then visited the factory and took part in a Q&A session with Safran Power managers.

Students also took advantage of the Open House to visit the Safran Electronics plant in Massy, as well as Snecma's engine assembly facility in Villaroche. In addition, they were able to talk with Supelec graduates now working for Group companies Hispano-Suiza, Snecma, Sagem and Morpho. Supelec is a prime recruiting target for Hispano-Suiza's Safran Power division, a specialist in power electronics and aircraft electrical systems.

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