Focus on Hispano-Suiza’s role in Clean Sky

On May 4, Hispano-Suiza welcomed to the Safran Museum in Villaroche (near Paris), about fifty members of the research program Clean Sky, a European Joint Technology Initiative (JTI)*. They were all there for the annual progress review on one of the key areas of research in this program, "Systems for Green Operations", which key objective is to optimize the use of energy in aircraft systems. One of the main topics on this subject is the growing electrification of aircraft systems.

Hispano-Suiza is participating in five of the six main research platforms (Integrated Technology Demonstrators, ITDs) covered by Clean Sky, a European program that aims to significantly reduce the environmental impact of air transport.

In the Systems for Green Operations platform, Hispano-Suiza is teaming up with fellow Safran companies Aircelle and Techspace Aero to coordinate research on the electrification of nacelle systems. At the same time, through the Sustainable and Green Engines platform, Hispano-Suiza is developing electrical technologies for an Open Rotor type engine, a concept that is being developed by Snecma, also a Safran group company.

To meet the ambitious objectives set by Clean Sky, Hispano-Suiza is providing access to its facilities and expertise in the integration and characterization of "more electric" equipment. For example, the Copper Bird® test rig will be adapted to meet the requirements of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft manufacturers (Dassault Aviation, Alenia Aeronautica, Eurocopter, AgustaWestland), in order to become the "electrical test rig" demonstrator for business aircraft, regional aircraft and helicopters.

Thanks to the validation of new electrical architectures on this test rig, Hispano-Suiza is playing a major role in three other platforms, eco-design, green regional aircraft and green rotorcraft, along with the two mentioned earlier. Integration of equipment on the Copper Bird test rig is slated for the end of 2011.

* Marc Ventre, Safran Executive Vice President, Aerospace Propulsion, is Chairman of the Governing Board of Clean Sky.

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