Hispano-Suiza wins two Innovation awards in Safran group competition

On April 27, the Safran group held the awards ceremony for its Participative Innovation Competition, in honor of the most innovative projects submitted by employees of Group companies in 2009. Safran places top priority on employee initiative, for instance by encouraging and recognizing innovation through this annual Innovation Competition, open to all employees.

Hispano-Suiza stood out from the crowd this year, by winning two of the five awards.

- Lean-Sigma Innovation award, for the company's project Drastic improvement in the reliability of a strategic Group supplier. This award recognized a collaborative improvement initiative by a Hispano-Suiza team along with its supplier of precision mechanical parts, Vignal Artru Industries. The initiative will provide methodological support to all suppliers, enabling them to improve quality, on-time delivery and costs.

- Patented Innovation award for the project Optimized power generation for e-nacelle functions, awarded jointly to Hispano-Suiza and fellow Group company Aircelle for their work on the electrical architecture of nacelle functions for the new LEAP-X engine. The teams filed for three patents on this subject in 2009.

Three other awards were handed out during the ceremony:
- Safran Grand Prize to Sagem Sécurité for its "Finger on the Fly" technology.
- Special Participative Innovation award to Snecma.
- Sustainable Development Innovation award to Messier-Dowty.

For further information, see the Safran website and the complete Press Release.

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