Hispano-Suiza onboard as Boeing 787 makes first flight

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner made its first flight on Tuesday, December 15 near the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington (Seattle), kicking off the flight test program for this new-generation jetliner.

A/C ZA001, which made the first flight, was equipped with electric brakes by Messier-Bugatti (Safran group) on the right-hand main landing gear. Hispano-Suiza developed and produces the electrical brake actuation controller, or EBAC, for these brakes.

The EBAC is the third major operational power electronics application developed by Hispano-Suiza, following the electrical thrust reverser actuation system (ETRAS®) on the A380 super-jumbo jet, and the electromechanical control unit (EMCU) for the electrical backup mechanical actuator (EBMA) that controls the opening and closing of the A400M's landing gear doors.

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