Third SPEC symposium on “more electric” aircraft technologies

The third SPEC (Safran Power Electronics Center) symposium will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, November 18-19, at the Génocentre in Evry, near Paris. Nearly 200 participants are expected.

Held every two years, this symposium brings together the stakeholders in SPEC, the Safran group's center of expertise comprising specialists in "more electric" aircraft technologies. Led by Hispano-Suiza, SPEC includes a dozen Safran companies (Aircelle, Labinal, Messier-Bugatti, Messier-Dowty, Microturbo, Sagem, Snecma, Snecma Propulsion Solide, Technofan, Techspace Aero, Turbomeca and Hispano-Suiza), plus 20 laboratories, universities (27 doctoral theses now in progress) and the Group's partners from industry and government.

Sessions at the symposium will present the advances achieved within the scope of SPEC. Main areas of research include the environment and thermal management, electrical networks, electronic power controllers, drive system architectures, mechanics and systems integration.

This year the focus will be on the latest major innovations in electrical systems, including:
- enhanced system reliability;
- improved power electronic components, with enhanced thermal resistance (operating at up to 200°C);
- demonstration of work on composites, to reduce weight and therefore fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

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