Hispano-Suiza takes another major step towards certification of the electrical thrust reverser actuation system for the A380

Colombes, May 3, 2006

Hispano-Suiza, SAFRAN Group, has successfully passed the SOI3 audit for the programmable electronic component in the electrical power actuator on the ETRAS® (electrical thrust reverser actuation system) for the new Airbus A380 super-jumbo jet.

The SOI3 audit, carried out in the presence of Airbus, was conducted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). It ensures that the design and development of this component complies with the Do254 standard. The A380 is the first aircraft in the Airbus family to be subject to this standard, reflecting extremely stringent safety requirements.

The audit reviewed all procedures developed and applied by Hispano-Suiza to meet these requirements, which were deemed "controllable and repeatable". EASA also emphasized the quality of the methodology used, describing it as "structured and reliable". This methodology is a guarantee for the customer that Hispano-Suiza is capable of supplying a system that fully meets the requisite dependability criteria for the A380.

For Hispano-Suiza, the SOI3 audit is a major milestone in the ETRAS® program. It augurs well for the final SOI4 audit, closing out the series of audits on this key programmable component, prior to system certification slated for June 2006.

ETRAS®, developed by Hispano-Suiza in partnership with Honeywell, replaces the hydraulic energy generally used for thrust reverser control by electrical energy, which means lower overall weight, reduced operating costs and higher reliability for greater safety. It will be fitted on the thrust reversers in the nacelles developed by Aircelle, a fellow SAFRAN Group company, for both engines being offered on the A380.

Hispano-Suiza, SAFRAN Group, is a world leader in mechanical power transmissions, electronic and hydraulic control systems and equipment for aircraft engines. The company is also actively involved in R&D for advanced systems and equipment on tomorrow's "more electric" aircraft. Hispano-Suiza has two main facilities in the greater Paris area, at Colombes and Réau, and two subsidiaries, in Sedziszow, Poland, and Peterborough, Canada.

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