Successful test flights

Electrical thrust reverser control system for the A380

During its second test flight on May 4, the A380 deployed and closed for the first time its thrust reversers on landing, using the electromechanical thrust reverser actuation system, better known as ETRAS®.
Developed jointly by Hispano-Suiza and Honeywell, ETRAS® is the first electrical thrust reverser control system for commercial jets. This flight was a major milestone for Hispano-Suiza, in charge of developing electrical and electronic equipment for the system, which reflects the company's ongoing R&D efforts to develop the enabling technologies for tomorrow's "more electric" aircraft.

Electronic Engine Controls for business aircraft

The Eclipse Aviation Eclipse 500 and the Cessna Citation Mustang business jets made successful first test flights from end of December 2004 to April 2005. Hispano-Suiza is participating in these programs by developing the FADEC electronic engine controls for the PW610F and PW615F Pratt & Whitney engines powering these two new-generation light bizjets, respectively.

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