Peterborough, Canada, January 27th 2005

The Eclipse 500 very light jet from Eclipse Aviation made its two first successful certification flights recently. This aircraft is equipped with two Hispano-Suiza Full Authority Digital Electronic Controls (FADEC) that control and monitor the two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F turbofan engines.

This PW610F electronic engine control, based on a dual-channel and dual redundant architecture, takes benefit from Hispano-Suiza's design and development work on the FADECs for the PW615F turbofan engine used on the Cessna Mustang.

These two advanced FADEC, based on Hispano-Suiza's 40 years of experience in electronic engine controls for military and commercial engines, including CFM56 series, and CF6 and GE90 series, will provide the operators with optimum value and performance with outstanding reliability.

Hispano-Suiza, a Snecma group company, is a leading company for the design, manufacturing and support of engine control systems, electronic control equipment, accessory drives for engines and power transmission system for aircraft and helicopters. It provides comprehensive support solutions and also supplies and integrates hydro-mechanical units, electrical harnesses and sensors. Hispano-Suiza has its headquarters in Colombes, and facilities in Réau and Bezons, France, Sedziszow, Poland, and Peterborough, Canada.

Hispano-Suiza is a wholly owned Snecma Company, a world's leading manufacturer of propulsion systems and equipment.

Eclipse Aviation is in the business of designing, certifying and producing modern, affordable jet aircraft that will revolutionize the transportation market. The company is applying advanced electronics systems, manufacturing and business practices to produce aircraft that cost less than a quarter of today's small jet aircraft, will be significantly safer and easier to operate than those of today, and have the lowest cost of ownership ever achieved in a jet aircraft

Eclipse Aviation Corporation, Eclipse and Eclipse 500 are trademarks of Eclipse Aviation Corporation.

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