Mechanical transmissions

Safran Transmission Systems is the world's leading supplier of mechanical transmission systems for mainline jets (over 100 seats). We place our unrivaled expertise in the design, development and production of these systems at the service of all types of aircraft, not just single-aisle and widebody mainline jets, but also business and regional aircraft, military transports and helicopters.

We deploy world-class technologies and expertise in geared power transmissions for engine, airplane and helicopter manufacturers, working together from the outset to define the technical specifications and designs that meet customer requirements. By teaming up, we deliver gearboxes that provide the optimum combination of size, weight and cost for the overall system and each of its components and subassemblies.

Our mission as an aircraft equipment supplier


Apply our expertise at all stages of power transmission production, from design and development to manufacture and support in our own MRO workshops.

60 %
market share
for mainline commercial jets
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