Safran Transmission Systems selected on three engines for Airbus, Boeing and Comac

In a major technological and industrial challenge, Safran Transmission Systems is in charge of developing and producing the accessory drive train (ADT) for all three versions of the LEAP engine.

The LEAP engine – the successor to the CFM56 – was already the best-selling engine under development in history two years before it was scheduled to enter revenue service.

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Safran Transmission Systems has secured its position as the world's leading supplier of power transmissions for commercial jetliners with over 100 seats for the next thirty years, thanks to its selection for the LEAP new-generation engine, which will power the Airbus A320neo, Boeing 737 MAX and Comac C919 single-aisle commercial jets.

The technical solutions incorporated by Safran Transmission Systems into the accessory drive train (ADT) for the LEAP engine reduce the ADT's weight by 20%, while increasing power transmission capacity by 30% (compared with the accessory gearbox on the CFM56).

The ADT for the LEAP engine includes:

  • accessory gearbox (AGB)
  • transfer gearbox (TGB)
  • radial drive shaft (RDS). 
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