A key CFM International partner on the best-selling CFM56 engine

Safran Transmission Systems has delivered more than 27,500 power transmissions since 1979, giving it 60% of the market for mainline jets (over 100 seats) powered by CFM engines.

A Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 single-aisle commercial airplane, powered by the world's best-selling engine from CFM International, takes off somewhere in the world every two seconds.

60 %
market share
for mainline commercial jets
units delivered



Safran Transmission Systems' plants deliver more than 30 accessory gearboxes per week, on average.

Safran Transmission Systems' accessory gearbox (AGB) for the CFM56 is recognized for its reliability and performance, based on the continuous improvement of all constituent components. Building on these solid foundations, Safran Transmission Systems is taking an active role in meeting tomorrow's technological challenges, including the development of the next-generation LEAP engine.

Along with production of these systems, Safran Transmission Systems provides support services for CFM56 accessory gearboxes for Safran Aircraft Engines, GE Aviation Wales, CFM Materials and various airlines. 


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