Safran Transmission Systems flies and exports on the Rafale

As a key partner to Dassault Aviation and Snecma on the Rafale multirole fighter deployed by the French air force and navy, Safran Transmission Systems brings to the table the full weight of its expertise. 



The M88 engine by Safran Aircraft Engines represents the state-of-the-art in military aircraft propulsion. Powering the Dassault Aviation Rafale multirole fighter, the M88 engine also benefits from Safran Transmission Systems' recognized experience in the design, development and production of mechanical transmissions. 

The M88 delivers 11,000 lb of dry thrust, and 16,500 lb with afterburner. It can reduce  power from idle back to full combat power in less than three seconds.

The sophisticated power transmission system supplied by Safran Transmission Systems comprises the following equipment:

  • The aircraft-mounted accessory drive, supplied directly to Dassault Aviation, which drives the power generation equipment.
  • The engine-mounted accessory drive (or accessory gearbox) for the M88 engine, supplied to Snecma, which includes the main hydromechanical unit, afterburner hydromechanical unit and lubrication unit.

A driveshaft operating at very high speed, which connects the aircraft-mounted accessory drive and the accessory gearbox. The driveshaft offers unexcelled damage tolerance and fatigue resistance.

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