A mechanical transmission for the TP400, adapted to the requirements of the A400M

Safran Transmission Systems provides a simplified, optimized power transmission for the TP400 turboprop engine, meeting the demanding reliability, weight and maintenance cost requirements of Europe's new A400M airlifter.



The triple-spool TP400 turboprop engine is produced by the European consortium Europrop International (EPI).

Safran Aircraft Engines, a lead partner in EPI, calls on the expertise of  Safran Transmission Systems, which supplies the power transmission for the TP400, the most powerful turboprop in the West at 11,600 shaft horsepower.

This transmission used composite materials to help decrease engine weight. It also features major innovations as part of its compact, modular architecture, including an integrated transfer gearbox and accessory drive. The gearbox for the core is attached directly near the center of the engine.

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