Half a century of proven performance on the Transall C-160 and Atlantique ATL2

The propeller gearbox for the Tyne turboprop and the accessory gearbox for the ATL2 aircraft have performed reliably in service since Safran Transmission Systems began production in 1964. It's a two-stage coaxial reduction gearbox rated at 4,400 kW, or 6,000 hp.

The reduction gearbox is still widely recognized today for its compact design and high power, coupled with excellent reliability.

 The specific features of this transmission clearly show Safran Transmission Systems' ability to offer advanced propeller gearbox (PGB) solutions for the new generation of turboprop engines.


The Tyne engine, developed by an international consortium combining Safran Aircraft Engines, MTU Aero Engines and Rolls-Royce, still powers the Transall C-160 tactical transport and Atlantique ATL2 maritime surveillance aircraft today.

Safran Transmission Systems will provide maintenance services for the accessory gearbox on the ATL2, as well as providing through-life support for the propeller reduction gearbox on the Tyne engine until 2025.

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