Legacy partner to Rolls-Royce on the Trent engine family

Reaching back to 1990, the partnership between Rolls-Royce and Safran Transmission Systems has established these companies as trusted partners to major aircraft manufacturers, with a remarkable track record over the years.

flight-hours (end 2014)

Trent family

Trent 700: best-seller

Safran Transmission Systems kicked off its collaboration with Rolls-Royce in 1990 with the complete accessory drivetrain (ADT) for the Trent 700, which powers 57% of all Airbus A330s.

Nearly 20 years after entry into service, the Trent 700, the first model in the Trent family, is now deployed by over 60 operators and is still chalking up orders. The Trent 700 and its accessory drivetrain are excellent examples of the robustness of Safran Transmission Systems products, proof of our design and production expertise.


Trent 800

Rolls-Royce once again chose Safran Transmission Systems on the Trent 800 for the Boeing 777. After entering revenue service in 1996, our accessory drivetrain is now fitted to some 500 Trent 800 engines powering 220 Boeing 777s in service worldwide.


Trent 500 

Safran Transmission Systems further bolstered its presence on the Rolls-Royce Trent engine family in 1998 with the Trent 500. In service since 2002, the Trent 500 with its Safran Transmission Systems drivetrain and equipment is fitted to over 100 Airbus A340-500 and -600 quadjets in service around the world.


Safran Transmission Systems, local customer support around the world

Starting some 25 years ago, Safran Transmission Systems has always provided impeccable aftersales support to Rolls-Royce for all three of these engine programs, through a full range of customer support and technical assistance services. 

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