CTS800 reduction gearbox: state-of-the-art technical expertise

With the reduction gearbox for the CTS8000 engine powering the Super Lynx helicopter, Safran Transmission Systems has clearly demonstrated its ability to design, develop and produce these units for modern helicopters.

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Following the reengining of the Finmeccanica Helicopters Super Lynx helicopter, its CTS800 engine has been fitted with a Safran Transmission Systems reduction gearbox, designed, developed and produced for LHTEC (joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Honeywell).

At year-end 2014, more than 300 had been delivered.

Safran Transmission Systems provides a full slate of services directly at military bases, and operates worldwide.

Mature program with over 145,000 flight hours to the end of 2014, the CTS800 continue to be accompanied by Safran Transmission Systems through its support service.

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