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With products on nearly 1,600 business aircraft deployed worldwide, Safran Transmission Systems contributes to the expansion of the global business aviation market. In particular, Safran Transmission Systems developed and produces the accessory drivetrains for the BR700 engine family and the accessory gearbox on the CFE738.

To ensure customer satisfaction in terms of cost, quality and on-time delivery, we design our systems to optimize engine performance, using simplified architectures and lean manufacturing precepts. 

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Innovation for weight savings

For all classes of engines and their accessory gearboxes, Safran Transmission Systems carefully studies the highest-performance and most appropriate solutions to delivery optimized cost-effective systems to its customers.

Reflecting this approach, Safran Transmission Systems designed and built the accessory gearbox on the CFE738 engine from Honeywell, rated at 5,600 lb of thrust. This lightweight AGB calls on thin-wall casing techniques, with integrated oil reservoir, and certain driven components.

This type of gearbox has been produced since 1993 for Dassault Aviation Falcon 2000 bizjet. 

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