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With products on nearly 1,600 business aircraft deployed worldwide, Safran Transmission Systems contributes to the expansion of the global business aviation market. In particular, Safran Transmission Systems developed and produces the accessory drivetrains for the BR700 engine family and the accessory gearbox on the CFE738.

To ensure customer satisfaction in terms of cost, quality and on-time delivery, we design our systems to optimize engine performance, using simplified architectures and lean manufacturing precepts. 

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Safran Aircraft Engines, Safran Power Units et Safran Electrical & Power ont représenté le Groupe lors de la 14ème édition du Salon Européen de l'aviation d'affaires, qui s'est tenu du 20 au 22 mai à Genève, en Suisse.

Advanced technology, performance, service: the accessory gearbox (AGB) on the Rolls-Royce BR725 engine is designed from the ground up to satisfy customers of premium business jets.

Safran Transmission Systems  designs, produces and supports the accessory gearbox specially designed for the Rolls-Royce BR725, a new-generation engine chosen by Gulfstream to power its high-end G650 long-range bizjet. 

Safran Transmission Systems' new assembly line is based on a Lean Manufacturing approach and was designed in collaboration with Rolls-Royce. It's a state-of-the-art pulse line, helping to increase throughput to deliver systems to Rolls-Royce on time and to spec.

Since entering service in December 2012, the BR725 AGB has equipped over 200 engines, which have already logged some 90,000 hours in flight. To meet the requirements of our business aviation customers, we offer 24/7 logistics services. 

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