Business aircraft

With products on nearly 1,600 business aircraft deployed worldwide, Safran Transmission Systems contributes to the expansion of the global business aviation market. In particular, Safran Transmission Systems developed and produces the accessory drivetrains for the BR700 engine family and the accessory gearbox on the CFE738.

To ensure customer satisfaction in terms of cost, quality and on-time delivery, we design our systems to optimize engine performance, using simplified architectures and lean manufacturing precepts. 

aircraft in service

Support contract on the BR715 AGB

There are now 137 Boeing 717-200s in service worldwide with accessory gearboxes from Safran Transmission Systems, which provides global support services.

Safran Transmission Systems provides MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) services for the AGB (accessory gearbox) on the BR715 engines powering this jetliner, along with logistics support and technical assistance (troubleshooting, performance monitoring for reliability and maintenance costs). We also ensure the continuity and possible upgrades of support resources, including publications, tools and spare parts.

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