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A century of experience with mechanical systems

Safran Transmission Systems' experience in the design of high-performance mechanical systems reaches back to the company's founding in 1904.

Today a pivotal part of parent group Safran's aero-engine strategy, Safran Transmission Systems gives customers the broad benefits of its recognized expertise, meticulous approach and experience. The quality and reliability of our systems, equipment and services make Safran Transmission Systems a world leader in mechanical power transmissions.

Building on our technical and industrial expertise, plus a proven ability to innovate, Safran Transmission Systems is now expanding into new markets for high-performance mechanical power transmission systems. 

ADT générique Safran Transmission Systems

Inside power transmissions systems

The accessory gearbox (AGB) taps power directly inside the engine through a radial driveshaft (RDS), to drive fuel pumps, power generators, lubrication system, the starter, oil trap and other engine accessories and the aircraft's power generation system. The complete assembly supplied by Safran Transmission Systems is called the accessory drive train (ADT). 

Safran Transmission Systems is the world's leading supplier of mechanical power transmissions for mainline commercial jets (over 100 seats), with production of more than 2,300 shipsets per year. By the end of 2014, these systems had logged a cumulated total of 850 million flight-hours. Safran Transmission Systems equipment has been chosen by two of the world's leading engine-makers, CFM International and Rolls-Royce, clearly reflecting the top-flight reliability of our systems. When you choose Safran Transmission Systems, you choose a dependable, responsive and innovative partner. 



Franck Saudo Portrait
Eric Valentin
Chief Executive Officer
Jan Sawicki Portrait
Jan Sawicki
Chief Executive Officer Safran Transmission Systems Poland
Vincent Dessoly Portrait
Vincent Dessoly
Vice President, Technical
Jean-Pierre Serey Portrait
Jean-Pierre Serey
Vice President, R&T
Frédéric Olivier Portrait
Frédéric Olivier
Vice President, Strategy, Sales and Program
>Matthieu Gaulon Portrait
Mathieu Gaulon
Vice President, Customer Support and Services
Sophie Berthelier Portrait
Sophie Berthelier
Vice President, Finance
Christophe Joubert Portrait
Christophe Joubert
Vice President, Industrial Operations
Sylvie Mory Portrait
Sylvie Mory
Vice President, Purchasing
François Casteilla Portrait
François Casteilla
Vice President, Quality & Risk
Philippe Pauliac Portrait
Philippe Pauliac
Vice President, Human Resources & Communication
Sandra Bernard Portrait
Sandra Bernard
Vice President, Improvement initiative and Information Systems


Safran Transmission Systems applies a very ambitious quality policy, derived directly from parent group Safran's corporate quality policy, based on continuous innovation and improvement.

Our quality policy draws on Safran's corporate values. It is inseparable from the imperative for technical excellence and close product support that irrigates all of Safran. Our emphasis on total quality is deployed worldwide.

Our quality policy has three main objectives. 

  • Listening to their needs, respecting their requirements, the preventive and responsive handling of all their requests.
  • Meeting our commitments in terms of quality, costs, deadlines and safety, for all of our products and services.


  • The continuous improvement of our processes, by actively encouraging people's innovative ideas.
  • Developing collaboration with our suppliers, to help improve their overall performance.,
  • Sharing best practices and top-priority actions designed to enhance our efficiency and quality.


  • Rigorously managing our programs, according to management guidelines applicable to all companies, drawing on feedback and contributing to effective risk management. 
  • Complying with quality fundamentals, and using the appropriate tools and methods to guarantee our product maturity, from design through operation.
  • Another top focus is the constant development of our people's skills, knowledge and motivation, everywhere in the world. 


Gender Equality

Safran Transmission Systems rating : 79 / 100

Criterion No. 1: Difference in average salary between men and women.

Criterion No. 2: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a raise.

Criterion No. 3: Comparison of the percentage of men and women having received a promotion.

Criterion No. 4: Whether all women received a raise on returning from a maternity/adoption leave.

Criterion No. 5: Number of women in the top 10 paying positions.

Subsidiary and Joint Venture

Safran Transmission Systems Poland

The site Safran Transmission Systems Poland is 3.3 ha with a total of 530 people. Specializing in the production of gears and housings for power transmissions and their installation, the site also includes activities engine production aircraft, helicopters and nacelles components for other internal customers such as Safran Helicopter Engines and Safran Nacelles .

Safran Transmission Systems in Poland, a key link in the chain of Safran's mechanical expertise

Safran Transmission Systems Poland actively contributes to the success of current aircraft engines, such as the CFM56, and will be a major player in new engines, such as the LEAP, set to power the upcoming generation of Airbus, Boeing and Comac (China) single-aisle jets, and the Silvercrest, chosen to power new Cessna and Dassault Aviation bizjets. 

Safran Transmission Systems started the construction of a Polish plant in 2001 to meet growing market demand. Safran Transmission Systems Poland specializes in the production of parts for the mechanical power transmissions on CFM56 engines from CFM International, the 50/50 joint venture between Safran Aircraft Engines  (Safran) and GE, the leading powerplant for today's Airbus A320 and Boeing Next-Generation 737 single-aisle jetliners.

Building on its mechanical know-how, the Polish company now works closely with other Safran companies, including Safran Nacelles, for nacelle components, Safran Aero Boosters for engine components, Safran Helicopter Engines, with precision production of gears for helicopter engines, and shortly with Safran Aircraft Engines for aircraft engines. Safran Transmission Systems Poland's performance in terms of quality and on-time delivery, which earns regular kudos from its customers, has established its reputation within Safran and "Aviation Valley".

Aviation Valley is the region in southeast Poland that is a hub for a number of aviation companies, recognized for their mechanical expertise. This knowledge base is anchored in universities, research institutes, laboratories and companies both large and small, forming a dense industrial and business fabric. Working closely with the Technical University of Rzeszow on projects aiming to develop the maturity of its equipment, with contributions from talented young people in the area, Safran Transmission Systems Poland is a dynamic company focused on continuous improvement.



Aero Gearbox International

Logo Aero Gearbox International

Safran Transmission Systems and Rolls-Royce team up on accessory drivetrain

On March 2015, Hélène Moreau-Leroy, Chief Executive Officer of Safran Transmission Systems, and Norbert Arndt, Executive Vice President - Structures and Transmissions at Rolls-Royce, signed  the creation of an equally-owned joint venture, Aero Gearbox International.


This joint venture is the culmination of the agreement signed in October 2014 to unite the skills and expertise of the two parent companies: Safran Transmission Systems' experience in the design, production and maintenance of power transmission system, and Rolls-Royce's expertise in aircraft engines and systems integration. Based on a 25-year, renewable agreement, Aero Gearbox International has exclusive responsibility for the accessory drive train on all future civil aero-engines made by the British company. One of the joint venture's first products will be the accessory drive train for the Trent 7000 engine that will power the Airbus A330neo.


Both parent companies will be responsible for managing Aero Gearbox International's operations. At the outset, the company counts some 60 employees from the two parents, located at Colombes (near Paris), Derby (UK) and Dahlewitz (Germany). Its headquarters is also in Colombes, at the main Safran Transmission Systems site.

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